My name is Cecilia Persson and my nick name Tutti has followed me since I was a baby. 

I am a experienced Design Assistant with an Associate degree from Univerisity of Borås: Design Technician Program with Specialization in International Manufacturing. I am currently working as a menswear design assistant at Weekday, a brand under the H&M group.

I have almost six years of working experience as a design assistant and a technical designer. I have also over twelve years experience in the apparel industry including two internship made at Acne and Cheap Monday, working in stores and making and selling my own clothes under my label Cecilia Tutti.

On this site you will find some profesional design works I have done or had a intergral part of from Weekday. You can find design project and drawings from my educations at Beckmans School of design, the one year evening education that I studied while working full time at Weekday. You can also find different creative projects that have been created under the Cecilia Tutti label and others, within the last few years. The projects I have been involved with include design competitions, clothes as I have designed, sewed and of course made the paper pattern for. The clothes have been sold at stores at Weekday, Sisters and Tjallamalla among others. There are also projects included from my time at Swedish school of Textiles.

I love to watch a garment grow from idea to reality. And most of all to watch someone buy and wear my designs! 

Hope that you enjoy my site, please feel free to contact me! 


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